When Najib gives everyone who earns less than RM3000… RM500..

They say it is a bribe.. or buying votes..

But when Guan Eng gives RM100 they say he takes care of Penangites.

But when the BN gives the poor welfare aid and the OKU RM300 every month.. they conveniently see not, selective eyesight and selective memory.

If it is rasuah as termed by Nik Aziz how come Nik Aziz allow PAS members to apply for BR1M ?

Since he said it is a bribe and rasuah itu haram.. how come…

Is Tok Gundu following Guan Eng’s hypocrisy ???

When Najib gives RM500 he doesn’t ask you whether you are a registered voter, he gives to everyone.

But when Guan Eng gives you RM100 a year which is worse than begging from him cos some beggars earn more than RM100 a day, he says you must be a registered voter !

Isn’t that vote buying since he stipulates you must be a voter !

Pure Hypocriscy !

From a Tokong !