Who the hell would buy a land without a Sale n Purchase Agreement and without a Land Title to hold on too ??

Read The Star 6 Oct 2012 (pg 26) Taman Manggis Issue ; it looks like Penang State Govt. either has no knowledge of Law or is making Penang a “Cowboy Town” ??

Ridiculous no need Sales & Purchase no title under government land but after settlement without black and white they will transfer and issue new title.

This proved present CAT Govt is actually a RAT now.

Doesn’t Penang State Govt. realise that in our National Land Code 1965 there is a section on “Express Condition” , just put the condition as “ONLY FOR AFFORDABLE HOUSING BELOW RM 350,000.00” on the Title to ensure no changes to the form of development no matter who purchase the land.

One funny thing is for RM 220.00 per sq ft you get to built a hospital below and service suite hotel above BUT for RM 450.00 per sq ft you get to built “AFFORDABLE HOUSING” ???

If Penang State Govt. don’t want to sell it then something must be fishy here ???