If you use protein supplements, or even if you’re thinking about it, then please pay close attention to the WARNING contained in today’s newsletter.

You see, there are 6 ingredients that protein suppliers are loading into their protein supplements that are not only negatively affecting your fat loss results, but they may just be downright KILLING you.

Ingredient #1: Dangerous Hormones

In order to increase milk production, the vast majority of dairy cows are treated with a growth hormone called rBGH.

But, this increased milk production comes at a serious expense to YOUR health. You see, cows treated with rBGH experience drastic increases in the occurrence of mastitis, a painful bacterial infection of the udder which causes inflammation, swelling, and pus and blood secretions into the milk (from which protein supplements are derived).

In an attempt to offset this, cows are also treated with massive doses of antibiotics — whether they are actually sick or not.

These antibiotics also show up in the cow’s milk, and repeated human exposure to these antibiotics has been linked to decreased immune function and increased incidence of GI distress, colon disease, and even breast cancer.

How do you know if your protein supplement is rBGH free?

Well, if it doesn’t specifically say it’s rBGH free on the label, you can pretty much rest assured it’s not.

Ingredient #2: Maltodextrin

Maltodextrin, a complex carbohydrate by structure, is often used in protein powder supplements and because it is technically a “complex” carb, it’s also touted as a healthy addition.

In reality, it’s anything but.

Maltodextrin is an insulin- and blood-sugar-spiking carbohydrate with a glycemic index of 105… one of the highest ever recorded glycemic indexes and a score 50% higher than white bread!

Regular consumption of carbohydrates in this GI range has been repeatedly shown to halt fat loss dead in its tracks and can even lead to Type II Diabetes.

Any protein supplement containing maltodextrin should be specifically avoided.

Ingredient #3: Artificial Sweeteners

First, it’s important to note that artificial sweetener use has been repeatedly linked to weight GAIN, not weight loss.

In fact, in one study those who used artificial sweeteners experienced a 500% increase in belly fat stores, while the group who used no artificial sweeteners experienced no weight gain at all.

Furthermore, peer reviewed research has proven strong relationships between the use of artificial sweeteners and the incidence of blood-related cancers, thyroid disease, and the risk of brain tumors.

Artificial sweeteners are NOT natural and do not occur in nature; therefore, our bodies are not naturally equipped to deal with their consumption.

To avoid the negative fat loss and health effects of artificial sweeteners, be sure to avoid any protein supplement that contains aspartame, sucralose, or saccharine in its list of ingredients.

Check Your Labels

Check your protein supplement label for these three things:

1. Does the label on your protein specifically state that it’s rBGH free or sourced from cows not treated with dangerous growth hormones?

If it doesn’t, we’d highly advise that you get rid of it… unless of course you don’t mind pus, blood, antibiotics, and the increased health risks that come along with consumption of milk proteins derived from cows treated with these hormones.

2. If you see food additive using maltodextrin on the list of ingredients in your protein, avoid it like the plague.

3. Similarly, if you see artificial sweetener such as aspartame, Sucralose, or saccharin on the ingredient list, toss it.

Research shows a history of increased weight gain and health risks associated with consuming these unnatural sweeteners.